Oh-oh is a story born by chance 

A mother, a child and a great desire to discover the world. 

It’s about a plane taken on the go. It’s a train ride with a well-known destination,  on the search for hugs and a caring family. 

A backpack, a nappy change and unpredictable situations that need to be solved. 

A need, an idea, hope. 

It’s about a backpack on the outside and a changing table on the inside. 

The style of every woman is reconciled with the needs of a mother who wants to travel in comfort. 

The backpacks are made of carefully selected materials and combined with each woman’s individual taste and style,  crafted with attention to detail. 

All items are made in Italy and are unique in style so as to provide a personal touch to the backpack and bring out the distinctive individuality of the woman and mother. 

The backpacks of Oh-oh open out with an easy gesture to become a large padded changing mat  with a central waterproof area upon which to lay the baby.

The comfortable pockets around the central station are designed to store diapers, wipes, creams, toys and are provided with tear-off hinges and latches to prevent objects from floating within the bag when closed.

There is also an outside pocket thought out to contain various objects  the mother may need without having to use another bag.